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Instructional Technologist at Burlington High School

Digital Health and Wellness Project

Objective: Develop a comprehensive website for maintaining your digital identity and understanding your web privacy. Your target audience should be high school students. Expectations: Each student cohort  is responsible for the following tasks listed in their team descriptions. Each student … Continue reading

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Social Media PSA

We’ve been discussing the importance of maintaining your digital footprint for the last several classes. Today, we are going to create short Public Service Announcements (PSA) on maintaining a responsible digital footprint and using social medium forums responsibly. Objective: Create … Continue reading

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Understanding your Digital Footprint

“In lieu of eavesdroppers whom he could have disputed, he had digital footprints that he couldn’t deny…” Think for a moment about the content you share digitally each day… Now think about that same content on a t-shirt. That you … Continue reading

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Laws that choke creativity

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Creative commons stories

We’ve been discussing Creative Commons for a few days and now it is your turn to show me what you know using creative commons tools. I want you to tell me a short, short story using five creative commons licensed … Continue reading

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Embrace the Remix

POST: Why is creative commons important? And, how do you feel about Kirby Ferguson’s closing statement “I think this is mostly what we do. Our creativity comes from without, not from within. We are not self-made. We are dependent on … Continue reading

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Really Simple Syndication

One of the best ways to deal with “Infowhelm” is using a Really Simple Syndication reader or RSS reader. An RSS feed allows you to subscribe to a news feed and pull down updated stories to a news reader. A … Continue reading

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