Digital Health and Wellness Project



Develop a comprehensive website for maintaining your digital identity and understanding your web privacy. Your target audience should be high school students.


Each student cohort  is responsible for the following tasks listed in their team descriptions. Each student will receive an individual grade on this project.
Research and cover the issues below in the context of digital health and wellness. Topics can include, but are not limited too…

  • Maintaining digital identity
  • Privacy on the web
  • Cyberbullying
  • Digital citizenship
  • Consequences of social media misuse
  • Digital access in schools (K-12)
  • Social Media in schools


Research and development
This team will be responsible for gathering information for the project. They will find resources for the website, create surveys for qualitative data collection, and put together the content for the production team. This team will have to work in conjunction with the production team and the social media and blogger team. The R&D team will not only gather resources for others to use and cite in their work, but they will have to create thorough surveys to collect data. Finally, this team will have to create the citations for all work added to the website. Think of the R&D team as the brain of this project.

Social Media and Bloggers
This team will be responsible for showcasing our website. They will post blog posts that cover one of the above topics. Create media outlets for our site through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc., build a network of followers online to discuss digital citizenship talks. This could be in the form of a Google+ hangout discussion on digital health and wellness subjects. This team is constantly moving and shaking; trying to stay ahead of the curve and keep the information current and fresh.

This team will work in conjunction with the research and development team to take their research and turn it into media. They will be in charge of creating storyboards, creating scripts, filming videos, conducting interviews, and editing final products. In short, all of the media that is created will be done by this team. This team will not all be working on one video, but several productions within the team. It is imperative for this team to collaborate closely with the research team.

Design team
This team will be responsible for designing the layout for all of the information that we post on our site. Members of this team should have an understanding of web design and google sites. However, even if you have a basic understanding of Google sites, you should still sign up for this group. This group will work in conjunction with all teams. Also, this team should be aware of what content is being created and where it would work best on the website. Finally, this team will have to be organized and use various web tools to collect data and organize it on the website.

Expectations per individual:

Each student will share a Google doc with me. This doc will be a daily log of what you accomplish in class. This doc will be graded and a major part of your class participation grade and overall grade. You can do this on a Google doc or if you feel a Google spreadsheet would work better, you can use that option. It should include, but not limited to…

  • brainstorming ideas
  • tasks completed
  • questions raised
  • timeline for your work

Here is an example of what my class created last year

Grading notes…
You will be graded on your interaction and engagement with your team/group. I suggest that each team, once assembled, shares a Google doc with me and the other members should post daily progress and any information you gather. This documentation will be the bulk of your grade. The end result will speak for itself. I am more interested in the process, your interaction with each other each day in class, and how you accomplish a task as a team.


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Instructional Technologist at Burlington High School
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