Social Media PSA

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We’ve been discussing the importance of maintaining your digital footprint for the last several classes. Today, we are going to create short Public Service Announcements (PSA) on maintaining a responsible digital footprint and using social medium forums responsibly.

Objective: Create a storyboard and a short one minute to one minute and a half Public Service announcement warning your peers against the dangers of social media use.

Guiding question: What should students know about social media use and maintaining a responsible digital footprint?

  • This can cover any social media outlet: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • What should students be aware of when using social media? What are potential infractions? What are the consequences if used irresponsibly?
  • Subjects to consider…
    • Facebook/Twitter privacy
    • Cyberbullying
    • Using Twitter inappropriately
    • Maintaining your digital identity
    • Posting on Instagram


  1. Develop a storyboard that outlines your PSA. This should be done on a Google doc that you share with me. This should roughly explain each shot of your video and how you intend the final product to look.
  2. If you need to do any filming it can be done on the iPad and editing should be done through iMovie. Music is not required, but may be used in some instances.


25% Storyboard – How well did you outline this project? Is it thorough and clear? Is the storyboard consistent with the final project?

25% Engagement (Participation within group and class) – How well did you utilize your class time? Did you spend time in class distracted by games?

25% Editing – How well did you edit your video? Do your shots each have a purpose? Does the music fit? Is all media creative commons licensed? Did you cite your media?

25% Message– How well does your video convey your message? Is the message clear and concise? Is your story consistent with your storyboard? Is your message easy to understand?

We will watch the PSA videos on Friday

Here are some resources to evaluate and analyze as you plan the subject of our PSA

  1. Recruit Yuri Wright expelled for Tweets
  2. You are not your name and photo: A call to re-imagine Identity
  3. Google Engineer Accidentally posts rant about Google+
  4. Facebook Posts costing some students college opportunity
  5. Marine discharged for Anti-Obama Facebook Posts
  6. Vulgar hashtag gets federal mediator removed from NHL Labor talks
  7. Colleges Admissions Officials turn to Facebook to research students

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