Understanding your Digital Footprint

“In lieu of eavesdroppers whom he could have disputed, he had digital footprints that he couldn’t deny…”

Think for a moment about the content you share digitally each day…

Now think about that same content on a t-shirt. That you wear to family dinner, to school, to your Grandparents house. There is a line in the Aaron Sorkin film, The Social Network, that highlights the importance of what we post digitally.

“The internet is not written in pencil, Mark, it’s written in ink…”

What is lost in the digital world is a sense of consequence. While the use of technology and digital, social spaces can empower a student’s opportunities, it can just as well hurt it. However, eliminating or blocking these forums from the educational context is not the answer either. So what is the prefect balance? How do we integrate social media effectively and responsibly for all students?

Objective: Create an image or images that represent your digital identity. Tell your digital story.

Guiding questions:
Consider your engagement with social media.
How would you define your digital self?
What characterizes you online?
How would Employers or College Admissions officers define your digital self? 


  1. Define your digital self using adjectives
  2. Create a simple slide show that includes images and adjectives that define your digital identity*
  3. Present your slides and briefly reflect on each slide. (minimum of five slides).

*Each slide should have one image and one word. You will briefly articulate your decisions for creating each slide. 



About Andy Marcinek

Instructional Technologist at Burlington High School
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