Creative commons stories

CC image via Flickr by Giuli-O

We’ve been discussing Creative Commons for a few days and now it is your turn to show me what you know using creative commons tools. I want you to tell me a short, short story using five creative commons licensed images and CC mixter.

  1. Develop a brief narrative around five images. The story can be about anything, however; the images and the music must be CC licensed and you must give attribution.
  2. Find images using Creative Commons licensed photos. Or you can take your own photos and give your original work a CC License.
    1. License descriptions
    2. Create a license
  3. Upload the images into iMovie.
    1. Add a title and transitions if you want, but don’t go overboard on the production. Include a voice over if you do not include music.
  4. Add music by finding a track from CC mixter
  5. Once you have your narrative built, you can either upload your iMovie directly to YouTube or go to Share>Export>Save>and then upload to Dropbox.


Knowledge of Creative Commons: The project shows and understanding of Creative Commons search and CC citations.

Narrative: Story is clear, engaging and uses images to tell a short narrative.

Presentation and Mechanics: The narrative is clean and errorless. It tells a short story that is easy to understand.


About Andy Marcinek

Instructional Technologist at Burlington High School
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