How can we make best use of this medium?

Clay Shirky talks about the changing landscape of how information is disseminated to the mass. Taking us back to the first form of mass communication, the printing press, Mr. Shirky shares stories of how new social media communication is changing, and shaping history.

During this lecture, I would like you to share your thoughts on Twitter using a hashtag #dlit3 or #dlit6. This filter will help us aggregate the information we share on this video. It will also create an archive for our less than profound moment in history when we watched this video. However, Twitter is reshaping the way information and history is passed down to generations.

After watching this piece, I would like you to write a reflection post on this talk. What is Mr. Shirky’s message to us all? Why does he focus on China? How did this type of mass communication shape the 2008 election? What is our responsibility in this “iReport” culture?

In conjunction with your post, find a recent news article that covers an event that was shaped by the use of social media. Think about recent major news stories that were dominated by Twitter. How did the public shape the message?

Common Core Standards:


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