Make your bloggy shine

Today I want you to continue designing your blog. Give it life. Give it a look and a feel. Add some widgets. And then, give it a voice.

Also, I’m adding some new procedures for your blog below. Make sure you understand that each of these sections will serve as a participation grade. Posts will also be assessed on quality or writing, engagement, and timeliness.

  1. About me section – This should briefly highlight who you are, what you do, and why you are amazing. Also, if you have a video or embed-able media from our first project, you can add that as well. If you have a picture of yourself, add the picture
  2. Your Secret Public Journal – This category of posts will be posted once a week. It will be due at the end of each week by the end of the day on Friday. These posts should be a weekly reflection on your experience in the class, interesting or outrageous happenings through the week. Each of these posts should be categorized as “My secret public journal
  3. Digital Lit Posts – These posts will be for our class and due every Monday. Each Monday, by the start of class, you should have a post up on your blog relating to a current event in the world of technology.

    The entry will simply be a reaction post to the article you selected. It should not just summarize the post, but it should blend your summary with how you felt about the article. Each of these posts should be categorized as “Digital Lit“. Please include the article link in the post as well. Title and length are up to you, but you should be thorough with your reaction to the article.

    You should be prepared to discuss these posts every Monday in class.



About Andy Marcinek

Instructional Technologist at Burlington High School
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