Living in the Cloud Design Project

Problem: No one knows how to effectively use Google Drive, Evernote, and Dropbox cloud based applications
Develop a plan to introduce the features of each application as if you were teaching it to a group of novice users. Imagine that your team just created this application and have to get users hooked or excited to use it. What features will you show them? How will you reach the masses? How will you make your application stand out amongst the competition? 
This is entirely up to your group. You can choose to…
…create a short video
…create a documentary on the application
…create a satire of the app (i.e. Daily Show)
…create a website for the app
…create a music video for the app
…create or remix something I haven’t listed


1. There will be three groups, one for each application. Each group will be in a design competition to create the best marketing design for their respective application. The best product design will receive ten extra points. Design projects will be judged by a panel of teachers, students, and administrators.

2. Everyone in the group must have a role that is documented on a shared Google doc.

  • Create a google doc > title it with your group name > share it with group and me. While you will each have a team, you may have sub groups within each team working on different projects.
  • Include timelines for job completion and any problems you encounter
  • Each group member will receive an individual grade, not a group grade. So make sure your work stands out on the Google Doc.

3. Active participation is a big part of this project. In order for any good team to succeed, all members must be on the same page and working in sync with each other. While you will be logging your daily progress on the team docs and in the Google form, observations will be conducted daily to assess progress and participation.

4. Steps to design success…
Once teams are formed, you will want to organize and hold your initial meeting. This meeting should be the first step towards planning and organizing. Groups will want to designate a project manager to oversee everything in the group and be responsible for communicating between all group members. Teams should also design a timeline and roles for each member of the group. Your timeline should include deadlines that the project manager will oversee.


25% Creativity

  • Product is unique and engaging.
  • Product’s design is intuitive
  • Creative risks were taken to produce this product

25% Collaboration

  • Team organized daily and effectively
  • Team communicated daily and beyond the classroom
  • There is evidence of consistent communication channels

25% Design

  • Product shows evidence of creativity, uniqueness and innovative thinking
  • Design is intuitive
  • Product is clean and error free

25% Spelling and Mechanics

  • There are no errors in spelling or grammar
  • Presentation or demonstration is thorough and engaging
  • Planning notes and timeline are organized and clear

We will begin design presentations on Monday, March 4


About Andy Marcinek

Instructional Technologist at Burlington High School
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4 Responses to Living in the Cloud Design Project

  1. Frank Vitale says:

    This is an excellent project Andy. It will be interesting to see what your students come up with.

  2. blacca says:

    I agree, with Frank’s comment. This is just the sort of task we were looking to do with students next year. Mind if we ‘borrow’ your idea?

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