Collaborative Instruction: WordPress

There are two ways to teach a new concept: 1) I stand in front of the room and show you through direct instruction, or 2) I let you explore the concept, tinker, fail, and learn. I prefer the second.

Over the course of this week we will be engaging in an exercise in collaborative instruction. And, we will be reviewing the WordPress dashboard for the web-based application and for the iPad. Each group will pick a section, familiarize themselves with that section, and then present a short lesson with a script that will outline how to use their respective sections. Here are some of the sections we will cover:

  • Writing a Post and adding a page
  • Organizing Past Posts with categories or Tags
  • Adding Photos and Videos
  • Adding a Widget
  • Changing the look and appearance
  • Adding a Blog roll or Favorite link list
  • Writing a Post on the iPad
  • Adding Media from the iPad
  • Moderating Comments
  • Privacy Settings

What’s expected of each group…

  1. Sign up for a WordPress account using your personal email. Your username should be some combination of your first and last name.
  2. Learn the section that you have been assigned to. Understand the application from basic functions to more advanced functions.
  3. A thorough overview of your section in the form of a script that includes screenshots (Example). Use Jing for screenshots and post your photos and script on a google doc. Make sure to share the goole doc with all members of your group and with me.
  4. A brief presentation of your section. The presentation should cover all of the features of your section.

We will present the sections on Friday.


About Andy Marcinek

Instructional Technologist at Burlington High School
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