Get your blog on

Today we start blogging. Funny word with mass appeal. A blog can be your public journal or it could be your way to connect and build conversation with a larger group of people you may have never had the ability to connect with before. The power of the Internet is that it brings us all together and allows us to connect and share like never before.

However, when one starts a blog, he or she sets out with a goal. What do I want to say? Who do I want to reach? These are the essential questions every blogger must ask before setting out on this journey. A blog also opens the doors for criticism, both constructive and incendiary. The goal is to always take the higher road and be confident in what you are writing. Plus, bloggers should always write with purpose and employ the conventions of the English language (or whatever language you prefer). And remember, with each keystroke of your blog, you are adding to your digital dossier. So, be mindful and keen on what you post.

Over the course of this semester we will be blogging and using this medium to build our class portfolios. The goal is to find your voice and connect with an audience. Some of the posts will be on something you find interesting, while others will be prompted by me.


Blog Design

As we work through the WordPress interface, we will discover new features and aesthetics that you can incorporate on your site. Be mindful of choosing a theme and design that you feel will fit your voice or your personality. Before we create our own blogs, I want you to research some blogs that our currently running.

1. Research some successful blogs – What blogs are appealing to you and why? Is the mission of the blogger clear? Why do you feel this blog is successful?

2. Find blogs – I want you to find two blogs and compare and contrast each blog. What is appealing about them? Are they successful? Do they garner a lot of comments? Do they promote conversation?

3. Present your blog – Each of you will present your design, the blogs you reviewed, and how your blog can promote your work and empower your voice. You can present your blogs in groups of two or individually.

Each presentation should include the following…

  1. The name and link of the blog (make sure it is a relatively current – check for the last post date)
  2. Why is the blog appealing? What is its intended purpose? Audience?
  3. Does the author respond to readers via comments?
  4. How is the writing style? Does it differ from a journalistic style?
  5. How credible is this blog?

We will present blogs on Wednesday.


About Andy Marcinek

Instructional Technologist at Burlington High School
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