Your first interview question…

Tell me about yourself…

This is your first assignment and someday soon it will most likely be the question an admissions officer or an employer asks you during an interview. I want you to share one interesting fact about yourself. This can be a

  • talent;
  • a short story;
  • an amazing experience;
  • a passion.

Regardless of the content, I would like you to present this vignette in a unique way. You have access to a variety of tools, a Mac lab, an iPad, and various applications. I am not limiting you to any specific tool, nor am I looking for a text heavy, bulleted PowerPoint.

Think about your audience and what you find entertaining. How can you share your story in an interesting, unique way?


  • Employ your creative energy – what will you do to set yourself aside from the rest. Stand out!
  • Keep it concise – Don’t tell your entire life story. This is not a presidential convention. Simply present a small piece of something unique about you.
  • Present, don’t read – Don’t rely entirely on the presentation medium to tell your story i.e. Don’t read directly from a PowerPoint. Own it, and understand it. Remember, it’s your story, you should know it.

Due: Thursday

Some applications you might consider…

  • Educreations (Free)
  • Explain Everything (Paid)
  • Haiku Deck (Free)
  • The camera roll (Free)
  • Google Search (Free)

Some examples from last season…

Here is a good example of storytelling in a unique way…


About Andy Marcinek

Instructional Technologist at Burlington High School
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