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dmlwordleWelcome to digital literacy, aka Web 2.0. This course will be an engaging journey as we examine how web sites and applications are changing the way we communicate, access information, collaborate, and share. We will also be examining the cultural affects of YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, and Facebook that are transforming our decisions and conversations about global politics, health, the economy, education, etc.

This course should be fun and not be a stress in your daily life. If it ever becomes overwhelming or stressful, please see me immediately. Part of this course will come in the form of lecture, part through video, and part through conversations around selected topics. The bulk of the course will be learning by doing. Many of the applications that we cover will be learned through various projects. You are encouraged to take intelligent risks and appreciate that this course is more about asking questions, than getting the right answer.

The syllabus will be something you should check in with weekly and if you need anything, please contact me via email or Twitter, depending on the urgency of the situation. The syllabus will also periodically update. So, the information under the schedule, is subject to change. Students should check in with this blog daily and when missing class.

Your first assignment and will be discussed tomorrow is to post your personal learning goals (what you want to learn) for this course along with your expectations (what do you expect the course to be). The expectations for this post are as follows:

  • define your personal learning goals for this course; 
  • define your expectations of the course;
  • consist of a well organized, grammatical sound paragraph;

About Andy Marcinek

Instructional Technologist at Burlington High School
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